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Stamped concrete patio and walkway.

Decorative Concrete Adds an Affordable Touch of Elegance

Decorative concrete finishing is a popular choice for driveways, sidewalks, walkways, pool decks and patios. Stamped concrete brings color and texture to plain concrete by using stamped concrete molds that create a unique 3D texture.

There are many different types and textures that are available. Some of the more popular ones resemble cobblestone, stone, brick, and slate. But there are also other natural looks that are widely used like wood-grain, shells and even fossils.

There are several different decorative concrete finishing techniques for applying color to the concrete. Some of these methods include using color hardeners, dry shakes, and acid stains. Depending on your design and installation several of these products and methods may be used together inspiring new and unique decorative concrete ideas.

Unique varieties, lasting durability, and lower cost are the main reason for their popularity for both remodels and new construction in both residential and commercial applications. 

Decorative concrete patio.

Why choose stamped concrete?

Stamped concrete offers many features that create a greater value for your home and your family. The following details really break down the value that stamped concrete adds to your home.

  • Lower maintenance and care requirements
  • Other surface materials, such as pavers, can become loose or settle over time, resulting in tripping hazards. The advantage of stamped concrete is that it never needs to be replaced or reset. Eliminating tripping hazards. This is why you often see stamped concrete used in commercial applications like parks and resorts. For this very reason, stamped concrete is also a great way to provide a beautiful, yet safe walkway and driveway for your home.
  • Durability and longevity
  • When measuring the value of investing in stamped concrete, remember concrete lasts longer than other materials. Its durable in almost every type of environment, holds up better and withstands traffic and wear better than most other materials.
  • Easier to care for
  • Stamped concrete requires minimal maintenance which adds up to big savings over the surface’s lifetime. Contact us to learn more about stamped concrete ease of maintenance.
  • Stamped concrete increases the resale value of your property in many ways. It looks great adding an instant curb appeal. Its durability means it will last longer, inherently giving you a greater return on your investment over regular concrete.
  • Curb appeal – It looks great!

Decorative concrete combines the timeless beauty and elegance of traditional masonry looks with the affordability and lasting durability of concrete. Stamped concrete patterns are found on today’s driveways, patios, commercial roads and parking lots, pool decks and even interior floors. The decorative concrete option for finishing concrete has become a popular and mainstream alternative to traditional stone and brick pavers for many reasons. There are many recoloring options which can completely restore and rejuvenate the color and presentation of your homes concrete finish.

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Stamped concrete pool deck.

Q. Are there different types of decorative concrete? Which type is best for me?
a. There a variety of decorative concrete product and installations. From stamped concrete, stained and colored concrete to stencils and overlays. Let us help you find the best option for your next project. Call us for your FREE Quote today (515) 418-2323.
Q. How much does decorative concrete cost?
a. Decorative concrete cost vary depends on the type of the project, the size of the project and the materials, but it will generally cost between $8 and $20 per square foot installed. Other variables that can affect the price are the design itself.  Is it one or multiple patterns? How many colors? We would be glad to help you determine the options that would be best for your project. Call us at (515) 418-2323 for your FREE Quote!
Q. Does decorative concrete affect the value of my home?
a. Decorative concrete adds value to your home in many ways, including curb appeal, ease of maintenance, long lasting durability
Q. How long does decorative concrete last?
a. Stamped concrete is equally as durable as standard concrete. Properly installed and maintained concrete should easily provide 10-20 years or more of beauty and performance.
Q. How do I take care of my decorative concrete?
a.   Depending on the amount of vehicle and pedestrian traffic (or other chemicals) it is exposed to, how often you do it may vary. To prevent color from fading prematurely, we suggest resealing every 2-3 years. A fresh application of sealer will keep your concrete looking as beautiful as the day it was put it. Your regular cleaning can be done with a garden hose or a low-pressure power wash (maximum 1500 PSI). Use a medium bristle broom with dish soap to remove all residue.

Q.  Is decorative concrete safe for the environment?
a.  Yes. Many materials used in installing decorative concrete are made from recycled or sustainably sourced materials. Concrete is also recognized as an energy-efficient building material.

Beautify your pool deck, entry, driveway, courtyard or patio with the design of your choice. DM Hardscape offers cost-effective stamped concrete solutions to residential and commercial settings. Take a look at the projects we have completed.

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DM Hardscapes experienced concrete professionals use advanced techniques to apply color, texture, and pattern stamping. DM Hardscape are experts in providing high-quality decorative concrete in Des Moines. We are your family owned, fully insured and state licensed professionals proudly serving Des Moines and Central Iowa with affordable quality decorative concrete design and finishing.

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