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DM Hardscape Is Your Des Moines Fence Company

DM Hardscape offers the best in affordable fencing Des Moines homeowners are looking for. We are a central Iowa fencing and landscaping company based right here in Des Moines, Iowa.

We are more than just a fence contractor!

There are a lot of local fencing contractors and local fence installers to choose from. But few that have the landscaping construction experience and knowledge that DM Hardscape does. There are about as many different types of fences as there yard fencing ideas.

Do you have a swimming pool, trampoline or pets that require a containment fence? Are you wanting to enjoy a little privacy? Or are you just looking for a beautiful fence to showcase a particular yard or garden feature?

For years fences have been a key component in protecting our homes from everything from tumbleweeds and trash from our neighbor’s yard, to uninvited guests and unwanted trespassers. A properly installed containment fence will protect your children and pets from wandering off your property and will help prevent your neighbor’s children and pets from wandering on to your property.

Many county and city ordinances require fencing around such objects as swimming pools and trampolines. Quite often, homeowners will experience lower premiums once a perimeter or containment fence has been installed. Check with your insurance agent for details regarding your individual homeowner’s insurance policy.

Privacy Fences Help Create A More Enjoyable Outdoor Living Experience

How much more would you enjoy your outdoor living spaces if the whole world wasn’t peering into your yard?

Why do we spend so much of our time beautifying our backyards and gardens?

We do this so that we can enjoy our gardens and backyard living areas with family and friends or even in solitude. Our home, our gardens and our backyards are where we go to escape the world around us. We work so hard these days to maintain and enjoy our privacy. A properly installed privacy fence makes it easier for you to experience and enjoy the privacy you and your family deserve. Protect your family and the privacy of your home with low-maintenance privacy fences from DM Hardscape.

There are different types of yard fences and the material you chose to build your fence is often dependant upon the type of fence you wish to have installed. However, the primary materials we specialize in perform well either as containment fences or privacy fences. We can build your custom backyard and privacy fences. Whether you are looking for a wood fence or a brick and stone block wall, DM Hardscape is your premier Des Moines fence company.

Looking for a Fence Contractor? Call DM Hardscape (515) 418-2323.

Wood Fencing

Wood privacy fence in Des Moines.Wood is one of the most widely used materials for fences and comes in a variety of styles such as prefabricated fence panels, post and rail fences, and lattice panels. Wood fences are cost-effective, readily available from most wood fencing companies and can be easily built relatively sturdily to almost any height. Because of the versatility of wood, it is easy to mold and design elaborate patterns into the fence. Not all wood is created equal though and cedar is widely considered the go-to wood for fences. Cedar is a long-lasting wood that is resistant to environmental rot and some people think that aging cedar improves the appearance. More common and less expensive woods that are used include spruce, pine, and fir. There is a wide variety in quality and appearance with wood so be sure to seek additional information if you are thinking about putting up a wood fence.

Wood Advantages

  • economical
  • can be used for all fence applications
  • can be molded into any shape
  • can be stained to almost any color

Brick Wall or Fence in Des Moines.

Stone Block Walls and Brick Fences for Homes

Where maximum security, privacy, and protection from the elements is concerned, a brick fence wall is the best choice. Brick and stone block walls are also surprisingly economical for a solid fence. A variety of accents and pigments can be used to match any brick fences designs or layout. Brick and stone block walls can also mix materials with metal or vinyl gates for remotely operated fences and gates.

Brick and Stone Block Walls Advantages

  • long-lasting and durable
  • requires minimal maintenance
  • most economical over time
  • increases resale value

We know how important it is to protect, secure and make private your home and your family life. Building the right fence or wall can help you do just that.

We are your Des Moines fence company and we are proud to be your American fence company serving communities just like yours here in Central Iowa. DM Hardscape is your locally owned and trusted fence contractor building wood, brick and stone privacy fences. No job is too large or small for the DM Hardscape team. Our licensed professionals are dedicated to making your project a success from beginning to end. We make sure you are satisfied with the results of our work by performing excellent workmanship and providing regular communication throughout the project. Don’t trust your project to anyone else. Call us today at (515) 418-2323 and we’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate and get to work on your project as quickly as possible.

Schedule your consultation today. Call us at (515) 418-2323.

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