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Patio pavers allow for unique design options.

Pavers Make the Way for Greater Outdoor Living

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Brick Sidewalks & Walkways

Patio pavers creating stunning walkways.

Pavers: A brick pathway is a great way to direct pedestrian traffic from one location to another within your property, guiding and directing them to featured or focal points. Brick can often be used in conjunction with other paving materials like concrete, cobblestone and natural stone to create a unique walkway or garden path.

Create a scenic brick walkway in a beautiful backyard garden.

Brick sidewalks and walkways are an environmentally friendly way to enhance the natural beauty of your lawn and garden by adding textures and colors that compliment your home and gardens.

Benefits of a Brick Walkway

  • Durability
  • Easy to repair
  • Many styles & patterns
  • Timeless look and feel
  • Permeable (when dry laid)
  • Can also be used to resurface concrete

Brick walkways connect great hardscapes to great landscapes.

A great way to add to your landscaping is by extending brick pavers from your patios creating beautiful walkways that help guide pedestrian traffic efficiently to key property locations and additional walkways that can wind through beautifully landscaped gardens, patios, stone and water features.

Beautiful hardscape designs and features built with pavers are built and designed to withstand the forces of nature along with the demands of pedestrian traffic. They are ideal for use in cool and warm climates due to their ability to withstand extreme freeze-thaw conditions.

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