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Des Moines Fence Company

Des Moines Fence Company

Custom Back Yard and Privacy Fences

DM Hardscape is the premier Des Moines fence company We can build your custom back yard and privacy fences. Whether your looking for a wood fence or a brick and stone block wall.

Wood Fencing

Wood is one of the most widely used materials for fences and come in a variety of styles such as: prefabricated fence panels, post and rail fences, and lattice panels. Wood fences are cost effective and can be easily built relatively sturdily to almost any height. People usually have to use metal poles for the posts as it will prevent the premature rotting where the wood is in contact with the ground. Because of the versatility of wood it is easy to mold and design elaborate patterns into the fence. Not all wood is created equal though and cedar is widely considered the go to wood for fences. Cedar is a long-lasting wood that is resistant to environmental rot and some people think that aging cedar improves the appearance. More common and less expensive woods that are used include spruce, pine and fir. There is a wide variety in quality and appearance with wood so be sure to seek additional information if you are thinking about putting up a wood fence.

Wood AdvantagesDes Moines Fence Company


  • economical
  • can be used for all fence applications
  • can be molded into any shape
  • can be stained to almost any color


Des Moines Fence Company

Brick and Stone Block Walls

Where maximum security, privacy and protection from the elements is concerned, a brick and stone block wall is the best choice. Brick and stone block walls are also surprisingly economical for a solid fence. A variety of accents and pigments can be used to match any design or layout. Brick and stone block walls can also mix materials with metal or vinyl gates for electronic gate openers.

Brick and Stone Block Walls Advantages

  • long-lasting and durable
  • requires minimal maintenance
  • most economical over time
  • increases resale value


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