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Retaining Wall Des Moines Retaining Wall Des Moines

Add beauty and function with a retaining wall control drainage and erosion. Find the right retaining wall for your property.

Retaining Wall Des Moines – Retaining walls can provide many environmental and land management solutions for your property. They can hold back hillsides, prevent soil erosion, and offer extra privacy. A well designed and installed retaining wall will also add charm and beauty to your property.

Yards come in all shapes and sizes and often times a retaining wall is what’s needed to control the movement of soil and water flow. Different applications require different types of materials. Personal taste is another factor. We will help find what works for you and what will look the best for your property. Choose from boulder, rock and block walls.

Call today for a consultation to discuss the type of retaining wall you have in mind.

Got Questions?

DM Hardscape LLC has designed and installed all types of retaining walls here in the Des Moines and Central Iowa area. Have a question? We are Des Moines experts in environmental and land management solutions! Let our years of experience guide you.

  • What size and style of retaining wall works best for my situation?
  • Should I use a boulder wall, a block wall, or a rock wall?
  • Is it possible for a retaining wall to support my patio?
  • Can my bowed retaining wall be repaired?

We’ve Got Answers

DM Hardscape LLC can survey your property and give you a professional analysis on what a retaining wall can do for your property and home foundation. We use natural stone, boulder or modular block in the construction of all of our retaining walls. We are Des Moines and central Iowa’s design and installation experts for your retaining wall needs. Call us today for a FREE Quote!

Schedule your consultation today. Call us at (515) 418-2323.

Retaining Wall Des Moines

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