Patricia Grubb

I cannot say enough good things about him and his crew.  They are experienced and can do many things, including fences, retaining walls, dry creeks, and so much more.  I recommend him highly.
He and his employees have been doing projects in my yard for several years.
They are extremely hard working and do the most remarkable job in fulfilling the plans that I have had.  He has installed a huge brick patio with a very
large brick firepit.  It serves as enjoyment and relaxation and fun.
He has groomed my yard (2+ acres) with the utmost care and precision including trees, shrubbery and floral areas.  I have him come Spring and Fall and in between if I need him.
When he finishes a project you end with a fantastic feeling because he leaves his work in pristine condition with no sign he has ever been there except for the beautiful result in your yard.   You will be more than satisfied. He is easy to work with and very dedicated to doing his best.
Give him a call at (515)418-2323.  He will be happy to come and visit with you and your project or grooming.  You will be happy too.